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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I can't speak much to Southern grasses, but I find it hard to believe that 12 minutes twice a week is too much water... We do that much every day just to wash dog urine...
If one is adept in noticing what water-stressed grass looks like before irrigation, that is good, but my idea is to look at the soil in the root zone first hand... if there is enough moisture or not can more easily be determined that way, IMO...
But either way you do it, you'll want to do it as noted on turfmd101's listed #5... allowing the roots to dry a bit at the surface enhances aeration and microbial activity of greater variety, each of which enhances soil structure and soil health...

A question about applying K, this time of year and even in the Spring for Northern areas,,, What's up with that??? We sometimes do K apps in the Fall for winter protection, but it is generally not that needed of a nutrient... Has this notion changed??? and should I be thinking about more potassium on a regular basis???
My feelings about K needs are as follows. Turfgrass lives in a world of continual battles. Mowing, improper irrigation, drought, record rains,, these problems do not always exist but definitely will at some point. Applying K frequently will enable turfgrass to build on vigor and strength. IMHO I feel N will mostly provide growth and turfgrass grows fert or not. That's why lawn maintenance company's don't require fertilization to keep the mowers running. K frequency should be based on CEC and environmental stress factors. I also believe P & K shared together is more beneficial for overall vigor but in Florida P is phasing out. Frequent K applications will provide your turfgrass with the tools it requires to minimize and relieve stress. Which will allow optimum performance even under adverse conditions.
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