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Manual - $45
Individual License - $54/yr - for the employee doing apps
Business License - $108/yr - for the business doing the apps

So as a solo you would have $162/yr for your licenses. Add $54/yr for each employee.
The test is not hard but like said above you must read and study. The amt of time you need to study depends on your ability to retain info. The manual is really efficient. At the beginning of each chapter it has bold points that will be on the test. I read those and then when reading chapter I highlighted the info that correlated to the bold points at beginning of chapter and then for study just concentrated on what was highlighted. I took mine at a state building in Green Bay.

Swampy hit it on the head the main focus is to teach you to read a label I was upset about that as I was hoping to learn more about the actual product and how it works for certain situations.
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