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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
While i personally see ag water waste daily, i also see efforts to conserve water. Most of these efforts are in conjunction with conserving other resources, Shoes.

The costs of conveyance force ag to limit pump time now more than ever but i can only speak for Jefferson.

The farmers and ranchers that i was raised around always preached conservation, water was a precious commodity. The wetlands were left be for the ducks and geese to rest on during their journey.

Farmers and ranchers like waterfowl, tastes good.

If you have looked at some of my posted pics you see conservation efforts made through concience rather than mandates. Again i can only speak for my experiences in the state of Jefferson.

Gregg and Chief, living in Baja Jefferson may have different experiences and/or observations.

As always i look forward to everyones input, especially Chiefs
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when the wetlands in the Central Valley are patrolled by rangers who are under orders to drive the waterfowl away from the selenium-polluted nesting areas (created by farmers pumping excess field water into the San Joaquin River) that kind of tells you things could be managed better
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