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I will be using the engine from the donor mower. I had it running on the donor already. To get it running I had to do some serious carb cleaning and some of the gaskets did not survive the removal of the carburetor. Other than the gaskets however, the engine is in really good shape. I plan to replace the gaskets with the engine on the donor and fire it up one more time. Assuming all goes well, I will then move it to the rebuilt mower. If there are any problems after moving it and troubleshooting is needed, I want to go into the troubleshooting knowing that I had a good running engine to start with. That's the plan anyway. I am now about mid-way through the mower. from the hydro pumps forward all is done. My next big item will be the pump drive idler arm assembly. After that I will look to go under and add the pulleys to the pumps. I am waiting for one part to come in for that. Once the idler goes in and I can get some help, I will look to move the engine and the wiring harness. I'm a little leery of the wiring harness as I have never done anything like that before and sometimes electrical systems give me some trouble. I have all the safety switches closed with wires and plan to connect them to the actual switches one at a time so if one is bad, I will know right away which one it is. Thanks for the words of confidence dboyd and lawnguy!
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