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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
do you guys that wear shorts have guards on your trimmers? I use to wear shorts when I started out but when I took the guards off the trimmers I had to go back to jeans because of the damage to my legs from weeds etc , I am still in the air on the trimmer thing is it better and faster without the guard ? to me it seems faster with the longer strings without guard on those hill side trimming jobs etc. So I go with jeans , but they do get uncomfratable in summer. Whats your opinion on this?
I can tell you that when not if but when you or an employee get injured and you don't have all your guards on your equipt your insurance company won't pay the claim. they will investigate and ask said employee are the proper safety guides in place? The employee WILL throw you under the bus. I supply all proper PPE and maintain all equip with proper safety guides.
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