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We do maintenance both ways. Billing for the services as they occur or Full Service agreements billed at the same amount for 12 months. For me this is a no brainer. All of the full service customers are getting multible fert. applications, 2 pre emergent applications and one post emergent application, periodic prunning, weeding the beds etc... The fact of the matter is we are on site providing more services and better care for the customers. My full service customers are the better paying and much more profitable customers and thier lawns look the best. Because we provide full service we look everything over and oftentimes there are other opportunities for upsell. If I was a solo operator, I would look at this differently. It is much simplier to mow, trim edge blow and go. A business with employees needs to make sure the employees' time is billed out consistently throughout the year or its going to have problems making a profit and covering overhead and payroll.
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