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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
With all due respect to Poet. I think no Brown patch, now known as (Large Patch). Too dry environmentally. JMO.
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I respect your opinion turf as you are the licensed applicator however the reason I would say Brown Patch is the appearance leads me to say that with the large circles and yellowing leaf and the current soil temps have been perfect for this disease to show its side effects especially because of the cooler evening hours. The environment being dry would be accurate except in the OP's statement he noted that he is running the irrigation twice a week AND 12 minutes in the morning as well. I can not be positive as I do not know the amount of water he is applying in those two applications a week but I can almost assure you with the aid of the additional 12 minutes EVERY morning the root system is next to nothing in this lawn as the lawn never has to look for water and therefore it has not roots established to fight off stresses . It would be my guess the BP spores are present and he is promoting it with over watering ..also evident by the dollar weed. Also remember he installed this lawn this winter, and stated he watered 4 to 5 times a week for the first 90 days.
This turfgrass has never established any root system
On the watering I agree with your advice except most home owners are not willing to put that much time into their lawn so it has been my experience although you can tell them this, they will simply not do it and take advice from someone else on how long to water their lawn.

One thing the OP will have to be advised of , it the lawn has been that heavily watered since install.....I would bet it would show signs of stress daily for awhile as again the roots have been made to look for water. If allowed to go without monitoring daily....he will lose more turfgrass to stress. I have a feeling it will take awhile for the turf to get to off its immediate need for water. Especially if he is applying 0-0-62 as you suggested because would the chlorine in that product just put it under more stress? With respect to your turf as you are the applicator and I am simply a lawn guy...would he be best advised to NOT apply any fertilizer until the BP is under control and the lawn irrigation practices are better as the lawn does not need any other stresses.

Also OP if I am correct and that is Brown Patch. If you mow your own lawn or if you have someone do need to stop IMHO 1. until the turf is taller as Patriot stated in the 4.5 to 5 inch range and then only if 2. there is signs of the BP not being active anymore IE the blades do not pull out with ease, they do not smell , and the yellowing is gone as you are most likely helping spread it throughout the lawn.

As I stated in my first opinion....I think you need to hire a small well respected fert and squirt company to get this under control. IT WILL BE CHEAPER THAN REPLACING THE LAWN

I agree with Florida will be surprised how much of that will come back under proper mgmt and care with proper irrigation and mechanical procedures.

Not trying to be rude to anyone on here but rather just trying to help the OP out with my opinions and I do not claim to be the best at turf disease mgmt so many of my statements are just guesses.
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