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Originally Posted by SDLandscapes VT View Post

During graduate school I had the opportunity to work at a company that had over 20 mowing crews out of two shops and I argued and argued for more Z's for all of the above reasons--less fatigue, "faster," more "efficient" etc. And we would spar back and forth about this issue. They took care of all commercial and multi family sites all on the larger end of the spectrum. They had over 20 years of equipment data on cost of ownership and ROI and frankly it's damning. I completed school and returned to VT where we ramped up the business I left before school. I was convinced that a fleet of riders was the way to go, but I found that it was eating up too much time and money for the little bit that they saved in "efficiency" We jumped in with both feet, conceded to the data, and couldnt be happier with the results both in quality and to the bottom line. What I am saying is this is a big trend--Brickman uses a high percentage of walkbehinds, Prescription ( made the switch, Proturf made the switch, and many other companies are making the switch.

And you talk about people who know how to cut grass--we have such a labor shortage that we need to make all the processes bulletproof and minimize damage potential as we are lucky to get breathing employees.

The takeaway here is not to use Z's or not to use Z's but to know what your operating costs are so that you are charging accordingly for recovery and profit.
I don't know what ranking"Landmark" is but they use a mix of WB's and Z's due to the vast differences in the mountainous terrain in my region.
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