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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
I haven't broken down any of my fuel usage, efficiency ratio, but seeing as I only have a small operation, I need the ZTR for the bagging abilities alone! The only complaint I have with the Zero is that it's almost impossible to mow on a wet and soft lawn. You can make a lawn look like cornrows real quick
Same here we pull out as much as 25 yards of grass a week in early spring and while that drops to less than 10 a week in summer the ZTR is a necessity.

Hence the reason for me and big trucks do I need 4500s no I could work with 3500s but nothing smaller I need the ability to carry 5 yards of clippings with the trailer. And dumping has massively improved my time savings over the years from when we started with 1500 pick ups and got to spend 30 mins a truck emptying it with pitch forks. But we don't just mow and we do need at-least one truck that can carry 3-4 yards of top soil at a clip. It may sound expensive to run 2 big mowing trucks but its cheaper than running 2 smaller ones and having to own a 3rd that sits idle for most of the time. Also I bought my trucks with resale in mind at around 75000 miles with the lessons I have learned over the years on what trucks come up for sale and what trucks never do.

Side bagging on a walk-behind is 3-5 times slower than bagging with a trac vac on our ZTRs. And when one of vacs goes down I get a nice does of reality and how much of an advantage having the vac is. And we see our income drop too 500-600s per day on that crew so the use of the bagger for us can not be over stated.
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