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I said F' it and left my nightshift job to do this fulltime. the wife makes enough for us to get by, and we don't have very much bills now anyway. the biggest draw back is the insurance.. however, my insurance isn't as good now.. but i was paying about 5k a year through work, and the only time i went to the doctor was for my sleep and depression issues which all went away when i left that dreadful job, and left the nightshift behind. this has been by far the best thing i have done in my life in 9 years.. even though i still say i got a long hard road ahead for the next 2 or 3 years. If my old job was more tolerable and flexible (if it was really only 40hrs a week rather than 60) i would have stayed till i had more customers, just to make the extra money.. however.. it was not worth killing myself over. my family and friends have seen the difference that being on a normal sleeping schedule has made (after 9 years..)
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