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We did bag exclusively as well--still do on certain properties or portions of properties because of landscape features, the house etc, and we just can t let clippings fly. We stopped as we realized how much time handling clippings was taking in our day as well as the injury potential for employees flinging full 9.5/10 bushel tarp loads into the one ton (I do have a one ton). We have seen a huge jump in turf health since we stopped bagging and have taken the heavy mowers off. We do have a walker for bagging and depending on growth will probably pick up a navigator--machines for exclusive bagging and that spread the weight of the bagging out and reducing compaction--as fast as a Z--depends on the situation--wide open a Z will destroy a 5-wheel mower. We don't have many wide open areas.

But for the bulk of the season and for the long term (season after season) as Pro turf listed the walkbehinds are money makers. I m not saying what you are doing is wrong--I m just encouraging everyone on this board and in this industry to know exactly what everything costs and to price work accordingly. Armed with that information somethings that seem counter intuitive (like walking) suddenly make a huge amount of financial sense
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