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Poet, I did catch the BP thank you. 0-0-62 MOP is cheaper per 1,000 than K-mag or 62 SOP which would probably be a better choice but I don't believe its necessary. As for the chlorine. I feel the root tissue benefit out weighs the small amount of chlorine.

BP mostly destroys foliage and rarely causes plant death. This guy has so much activity he has no choice but to drought out the BP. Fungicides will only contain the BP spoors. If it killed them, BP would not be so easily occurring in the same areas the next year. People who treat there BP have the same issue with people who don't ( they will probably get it again next year ). The only effective way I have found to kill BP is not when its active but the next year when environmental conditions are getting lined up to pull BP out of dormancy you start making sure to force drought. Not drought damage. But drought. I believe if the BP can not come out of dormancy and feed it will start dieing off. I have practiced this method since 1995 and have never had an issue with BP reoccurring once I know a property has been getting it in the past. I still believe Florida's current conditions temp wise (soil ) is starting to effect BP negatively and will continue to.

Yes this HO will suffer a ugly transition period following my irrigation suggestions. His root system is probably toast ( mostly anchor roots with no feeder hairs and poor tissue from rot as well as nematode activity) but my suggestion still applies " water when dry ". It could be daily still. But drought has to determine irrigation know matter how frequently it occurs. IMHO my irrigation suggestion applies to one day old turf the same it does to 20 year old turf. When dry know matter the frequency.
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