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I think he's talking about dealers that provide you with loaner equipment while yours is in for service with them. My first equipment dealer did that, but they went out of business due to death of the owner. It was free, but you had to be a loyal customer. They had a bunch of older mowers that they'd loan out. They weren't pretty but they were mechanically sound. None of the smaller dealers around me do that...they just don't have the room to store a fleet of loaners. There is a large dealer that does, which is fact where I bought my Lazer, but they're about a 40 minute ride and they have a pretty high employee turnover rate, so they tend to screw things up a lot...thus I stopped going there. They mean well, but you can't really depend on them. I'd rather go to a small dealer with a stable staff, even if they don't have a zero down time policy.
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