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what to spend $5000.000 on? Question inside also

I've been doing lawns/ landscaping for the past 4 years since i was 13.

Now that i'm 17 i'm starting to want to grow this into an actual legitimate business.

Getting insurance, tax number, registering the business ect.

How do I go about paying myself?

My father and I are renovating a house to flip over the winter and my cut from it is $5000.00 so thats the "start up" money that i have.

I already have the following stuff that is in my signature

I am going to upgrade the blower this upcoming season to a Back Pack.

I am also thinking of getting a Chainsaw. What size would be a good starter size?

also a small 6x10 dump trailer, would it be worth it to blow half the money on one of them? i know i could get a used one for around 2500 and fix it up myself. would the dakota be able to tow it?

also if i register myself as a sole proprietor do i need workman's comp is i have 1 employee?

Anyone know of a cheap insurance agency in Canada?
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