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ok, so i don't understand why a stander hasn't been mentioned much? and why it isn't the hands down answer here...

i agree that ztr's are a little overkill, production wise and financially...but if you need them for bagging they are a must, like KL said there is nothing like a ultra-vac...we had a trac-vac on a walk behind but it just wasn't quite as good, it had an independent engine that you have to start and stop every time you were ready to, and it was one more engine to maintain and fuel...we keep a few exmark ztr's around strictly for bagging purposes (spring/fall)

i too had this question years ago but it was ZTR vs Stander, walk behind was never really in the equation...i didn't like how bulky the ztr's were on most of our residentials...i went with toro grandstands and couldn't be season we are most likely going to trade those in and go with the all new JD (wright) stander...
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