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They're near a big tree...all I'm gonna say. Good people and good prices but I like the smaller shops better. My Exmark dealer now is Hall's Power Equipment in Haddam...I've known them for 15 years...used to work in the office building next door to them. My Shindaiwa/Echo dealer is Saybrook Lawn and Power and my go-to shop for about anything and anything when I'm in a bind is Taylor Rental in Westbrook, who is also my Husqvarna dealer. Halls and Saybrook Lawn & Power rank high on my list partly because they stock most commonly needed parts for what they sell. Taylor Rental actually has a lot of older Exmark parts because they bought out the remaining inventor for the dealer that died and if they can help me with something they will, whether it's something they sell or not. I used to do a lot of business with another nearby shop but you can't even get spare fuel filter or air filter for a new machine at time of purchase anymore...gotta order just about everything.
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