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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
I don't want you to think I am slamming the vanguard in any way. I was merely pointing out the one problem I've had with the motor and the possibilities I thought would best solve it. By the number of posts, it appears no one else has had this problem or any other problem with the vanguard for that matter.

The OP asked for a review. I thought I'd be honest...

I have had zero issues with the Z as a unit. For instance I am still running the original 4gpm pump on the 2009. I work these machines hard and for the most part, they take anything I throw at them and chew it up.

To the OP
You gotta have the hose reel. I like the 100ft of 1/4inch hose best.
You're minor comment was just the straw that broke the camels back. No offense Ted.

I hear it all the time. Briggs sucks this Stratton sucks that.

I just replaced the stator and flywheel on my 2007 Max with the Kaw 15 HP motor and tada! It still doesn't charge. I don't even care. I have several high AH wheelchair batteries I run the thing with that last me days at a time. (My recommendation instead of stator replacements...F-That)

Other than that keeping the carb clean is a regular deal or the governor freezes up and some of the breather pilot holes in the car get clogged so gumout is my friend.

My 2007 has 3000 hours on it and looks brand new. Other than the wrinkled old style boom which is on my bench awaiting straightening.
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