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Ya got me on this one, PaperCutter. Not sure if Greg did any .asp .net development, so maybe he'll way in with a word. I strictly use Sublime Text2 for creating, and Firebug for debugging. I bailed on Microsoft web products years ago when I no longer had to use a company-standard Visual Studio .NET back in the very early 2000s. As a WAG, I would imagine it has the usual code-gen issues found in wysiwyg tools, and would be of a benefit if you're primarily developing for, but that's just an educated, evolutionary guess.

As part of my Macromedia/Adobe Creative Studio upgrades, I've always had the current edition of Dreamweaver, but even that I haven't used in probably 4 years. Prior to that, I go back to the pre-Dreamweaver 1.0 days with Jeremy Allaire's HomeSite and Coldfusion. In internet years, I'm at least 114 years old. lol
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