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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
This post here is right on. Get a good bunch of GL coverage as a solo, and you are set to go. LLC does nothing for you albeit it isn't a bad thing to do, either. Stay out of debt which is common sense anyway.

Also, a lot of misinformation on here about taxation. OP, please consult some good literature to get the truth about biz taxation.
I will just say I disagree with you on a few things. LLC is not a license to be a careless goofball who destroys other's properties and runs up bad credit, that much we agree on. General liability is a given for anyone in business as an LLC doesn't protect you from being sued when uninsured. That said, there are times when an LLC can protect you and most of it has to do with getting upside down with the company finances. If you had a major accident that disabled you and owed a lot of money on equipment and had a large open materials ticket on a job you just started, the banks and materials companies made those loans to the company and not to you. So there is some protection in these events that could same you your home and your personal finances. I do agree, get a consultant on these things and talk to them about your best option.
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