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Stay away from Echo. Seemed to be a bit hard starting after one season. Took it too the dealer for repair. $97. and it starts well and runs well. When I got home found the trigger is now messed up. Back to dealer. Dealer says carburetor is wore out from dirty air cleaner!!!! Wants another $100 for new carb. Less than year old and filter is NOT dirty. Only used to blow sidewalks and a few clean ups. Demanded dealer repair under warrantee. Guess what. Dealer now says they overtighted the carb bolts and it works fine. Carb is not wore out after all. Use all Stihl handhelds except this blower. Stihls will run for a long long time and always start (if my guys don't start messing with adjustments) And outlast the crap out of all the others. The stihl backpack blower might not move as much air as several of the others. Replacing with STIHL.
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