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thats a good indicator of what happens when you dont change your oil... my rule is this "if it looks dirty change it" on my personal equipment i change it once and run it a few hours then change it again, then every 50 hrs., in my backhoe i change it once a year, in the nissan diesel forklift with the sd33 engine i got it for $8000 8 years ago, it must be built of gold, i have never changed the oil because i wanted it to blow up so i can rebuild, it still hasnt and i run it in lots of dust with the pedal to the floor (bet it doesn't do 10mph). I just let it sit 20 min to warm up and use it, use ether to start it whenever its cold (which is supposed to blow piston rings). its a 1971 and it smokes a lot to start it up and hard to start but other than that it runs beautifully, almost no blowby and thats what i call a "real" engine. To this day it runs perfect other than hard starting, use a can of ether it wont hurt it. You do anything i do to this sd33 nissan to a newer engine itll blow up within a week. Wish things were still made like that, sadly the good old days are gone to new emission and plastic garbage.
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