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My opinion on thus bonus program for equipment etc.. is its more trouble than its worth.. like someone mentioned your trying to micromanage yourself too much.. pay your guys a good fair wage based on experience, knowledge, productiveness.. part of taking care of equipment should be mandatory... You should allow time for taking care of equip.
I used to work for a guy who didn't ever wanna allow extra time for maint on stuff, but somehow when it broke down it was the techs fault.. Funny he wanted to start an "incentive " program too.. but his program started deducting from your pay for each "point" you got for something wrong.. example.. a service call was 10 points.. no matter what the call was for...

The best bonus plan I have seen or been on was a production bonus.. anything you got over your daily quota was banked on the production board.. once you hit a days quota in the bank you could take a friday off without using personal time or cash it in for 10% of the total in pay.. quota was 1100 a day so you could get an extra 110.00 on your check if you wanted.. Now if you kept coming up short you had to work a Saturday once you hit 800 short in the bank.

Rain days or weather related days didn't count against you either. Nor personal days you were sick or what not..
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