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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
At $20-$25 a yard I would not even bother. I know of 2 medium size companies here that over the last 2 years have stopped chasing mowing work. Their focus has moved to the landscaping side. They still keep a crew around for mowing a day or 2 a week. For me brushmowing and mulch installs are much more profitable than mowing. Mowing is still a big chunk of my income and it is a steady revenue stream though. After years of not wanting to do snow removal, I finally realized the money I was leaving on the table and jumped into it this year. I only went out 3x this year, but the money was good. It does not snow like it used to around here.
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What kind of money did you make on the three events? I grossed $3200 and only worked a total of 25hrs.
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