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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
If we were(northern scapers) going to the irrigation schedule suggestted,,, the best transition would be made following an aeration and compost application... even seeding if needed...
That should prevent an "Ugly Transition" as mentioned... Just a Thought...
In central Fl in my experience St. Aug is at its best, looking like..."ERR" ILL KICK YOUR A##"...and you can almost hear it roar "GREEN" becoming truly beastly March through May. Temps in 80's day, mid to hi 60's at night. The goal is to hold that "ERR" as long as possible. IMO in this HO's area he will have these favored conditions longer than I. Don't miss the gravy train. Perfect for transition. Much shorter period with minimal wasted turfgrass energy. Its the time of year people who fert and the ones who don't have the same overall health.
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