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Originally Posted by Service 1st Lawn Care View Post
The Z is only intimidating if you make it that way, I put my Z on every size lawn never seem to have a problem. Ground Logic might be easier to handle for beginners but don't believe it's more effective on small lawns.
I agree!

We still have a MAX and it can do a 3K lawn just as fast as a GL.
Now you get it on a 10 ac property and the only place it really gains is less filling. It is a lil wider too but you also are not comparing apples to apples. The GL is more comparable to a JR.

Once you have any ride on unloaded I think they perform about about the same on most lawns.

As stated above...the Z in not really intimidating on a small lawn it just has a much higher learning curve and the main reason we switched from Z's to GL's is they are smaller, more agile and can go on a reese rack.
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