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Originally Posted by BrunoT View Post
Some of you have "size issues".

It's a mowing rig. No wonder you need $45,000 diesel trucks to tow them around. Two 3500 lb. axles would be more than enough for most.
It has nothing to do with "size issues". I have a 61" ferris, a 48" quik trac JD, and we are going to have a 36" walk behind on this trailer. Plus the front 2 feet of the trailer will be taken up by the storage box. Also, I will not be using this trailer just for mowing, we do landscaping and need the capabilities to haul a bobcat or utility tractor. I do not want two trailers if i don't need two trailers, and if i can add heavy axles to this trailer, i won't NEED two trailers. It's about only investing in one trailer that can do multiple things.

My truck was about $20,000 when i bought it 6 years ago. I don't know where you are getting this $45,000 number from.

Two 3500# axles might work for you, but I do not want to be limited by my trailer.
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