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Originally Posted by cecropia11 View Post
It is not that I will not apply to bermuda, as I have but when you try killing tall fescue out of bermuda when temps are below 65 is not going to do anything you would have to apply like 5/6 Oz per gallon of 41% glyphosate, and at that rate I have still not completely kill and even if it does kill it it comes back tall fescue is very tough, and at the high rate of spraying dormant bermuda there is a very high chance that when it comes out of dormancy you will see damage, very unsitly. That is why I was wondering if there was a product on the market labeled for that that would not effect the bermuda.
Well, I spray gly at 32oz per acre here in Jan/feb with temps in the 40's and I smoke all cool season grasses out of my warm season grasses.
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