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Hey Sean,

Great read, always enjoy what you have to say. I am a very small business currently going into my second season. I have completed all the work solo to the exception of a few heavy days where I picked up a friend to help out. I have limited my services to lawn care services, eliminated landscaping services. I plan to focus on the managerial side of the business as this upcoming season I will have a full time job. I plan to have 1 part time employee, as I will only service about 20-30 lawns per week (3 days? or so). My pricing is where I want it to be, and most of my customers for this upcoming year are repeat customers, and I have kept a really good relationship with all of them.

I have a different business goal than most, I plan to get up to 50-80 clients for lawn care, at that point I will no longer accept new clients, perhaps weed out the ones that are less profitable.

I run this business because I truly enjoy running a business as well as lawn care itself , not to mention small engine's. I am a electrical engineering technologist, so it is not about the money at all. Although the company must remain profitable and not low ball competitors.

I don't want to aggrevate any one with how I run my business, as I can see the full time guys who do this for a living it may seem "wrong". However I truly believe in quality work, with reasonable pricing. I am very honest, and always care what my customers have to say.

I appreciate any feedback, considering you started your first business the year I was born.


Stewart !
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