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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
It sounds like you should sit down and try to get rid of some of the slow/underpaying accounts. Then he can go down to four people mowing, four days a week and do landscaping the other 1 or 2 days. When I started working for my father I sat down with him and showed him all of the ways he was losing money. At first he wouldn't listen, now he asks my opinion about business moves and it has helped to streamline everything, with both of us have a different perspective we can better manage growth, income, and the future of the business.
I wish it was that easy it's his way or no way that's the hard part. He only wants to do what his body can handle. His body can't handle landscape work or hardscaping so he don't want to do it. Another question for you do you think push mowing yards slow you down? For example we have a 35 dollar push now yard it takes just as long to weed wack it as it does to push now that's 2 guys trimming one guy mowing I said get rid of it
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