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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So it was spoon feeding the surface growth, where the stolons and rhizomes flourish... for cool season grasses that would mean KBG and Per. Ryegrasses... it will definately create a lot of Real Thatch that way, but still the roots will be thin and shallow...

I had gotten a boxstore slow-release fert in which the prills lasted through the winter... if I recall it was a 50% time release @ 40-0-0 analysis... It was supposed to be around 2 months, but the Fall was dry,,, however, under excessive irrigation those prills may continue to grow rapidly into thatch...

However,,, the lawnmower will pick those prills up from the platy barespots as easily as if we were mowing it off the driveway...
but then when the water soluable dissolves into the surface dirts or maybe just onto the surface,,, the mower will pick up that in the dust... these platy barespots really are about as smooth as sidewalk,,, and as large as heelprints over about 50% of the lawn... heelprint of dirt and a heelprint of grass, evenly dispersed over the entire lawn...

Do you have lawns that you look at and say,,, "Waste of Money, " and just throw out some cheap, whatever,,, because , "... the quality of the product will not make a bit of difference, in This Lawn???"
I have only potential customers I get an understanding of I say,,, "Waste of Energy" which = ?. I will not... because I can the sole participator with the least time on site. If I have a potential customer,,, who can not comprehend,,, that their ownership in the success of their landscape is more necessary than the services I can provide then we will surly divorce at some point. Most divorces end in financial loss. One bad divorce is good lesson enough. Guess we won't get married.
But,,, if there is that grasp in understanding,,, that organic means alive, which requires sustaining beyond the use of tools. That would transfer a potential customer to a full time client.

My ability face to face far out shines my ability to type in thought. I seldom meet a potential client who through years of tailored, selective dialogue, that I have trouble getting to understand that their failure will without doubt cause my failure causing complete collapse.
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