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I need your opinions

I have been mowing for a couple years now. A couple months ago my entire trailer filled with equipmemt was stolen. I was using equipment that was purchased used but still in pretty great shape for what few.accounts I have. My lawn service is just part time but I have 6 very loyal customers. Here's my dilemma. The insurance company is only covering $4200 of my loss so I obviously can't replace a trailer, two mowers and all my tools with that.

My question is, do you think a residential zero turn such as a Craftsman zero turn would be sufficient enough for me to use for two years until I can replace my equipment? I only mow 10 acres a week as I wasnt planningon expanding until next year anyways. I am just worried that the equipment isn't going to be durable enough for commercial properties.

10 acres include 7 properties with bumps, hills, curbs and lots of obstacles. I would hate to have to disappoint my clients plus a few of them are subcontracted to me and I was.going to get more work from the contractor when I expand.

Thank You
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