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i blanket app weed control at a .5 gallon per 1k rate out of my 4 gallon manual pump backpack with a constant flow valve i picked up from gemplers. i don't mind it so much on smaller lawns. but i've found a 50 gallon skid with an electric shurflo pump and 150ft of hose that i'm gonna try to do something with, it is a year old and i'm getting a fairly good deal on it i think... but atleast i can mabee rig up a boom that i can walk with, or use a chemlawn gun at a 1.5 gallon rate or something for herbicide apps. i rather not mess with 100's of gallons of liquid in the back of my truck, 50 wouldn't be to bad.. i hope to get a permagreen later as well when i have enough accounts to justify it. what about the drop ins that go on lesco spreaders??

Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Good stuff guys. No, I would not use this on hilly lawns. Just small resi's, in place of a backpack.

For all you that say just cover with a backpack, that is exactly what I am trying to get away from. IT KILLS YOUR SHOULDERS.

And I am not buying a skid. No need for one. With a ride on and a simple solution to cover small lawns, should be set without something as non portable as a skid.
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