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I need your help!!

Hello all, long time lurker/first time poster here.

I have recently started looking for a machine to cut the grass on some property I own. The information contained in the old posts here at Lawnsite is fantastic, but there is so much of it that I now that I am suffering from paralysis by analysis! I need your help to get me back on track.

I own some residential property that is 3.5 acres, rectangular & flat. There are a few trees on it [3 old live oaks (200yrs+) & 5 young ones (~35yrs); no visible roots]. The grass is nothing special and has patches of clover throughout. We will build on it eventually, but in the interim (2 years?) I need to maintain it myself (deal I made with the wife)

I have dealers for most major brands nearby. So far, the John Deere dealer has been the most helpful and is likely the one I will deal with.

In my search, I have decided to buy much more machine than I need for the job. As such, my choices have been narrowed down to the z900 series ZTRs and the X700 series garden tractors.

I love the versatility the garden tractor offers, but I am concerned that it will take much longer to cut the grass than the ZTR. I know the advertised top speeds are slightly different between the units (10+ for the ZTRs and 8.6 for the GT), but how does that translate to real-world cutting speed? Both have various iterations of the 7-iron deck. Will the ZTR complete the that much faster than the GT? Are there any other machines I should look at?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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