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the main reason i wanted to blow it up is that when i got it it smoked a lot whenever you started it, glowplugs shot, injectors weren't right, the oil was water and soot. So i figured id blow it up eventually because i wanted to have a reason to make it better. But i couldn't so now i just use it to use it. But since the injectors are bad, glow plugs dont work , and it had thousands of hrs. i will probably rebuild it in a few years along with the tranny because when its cold you have to floor it to get it into gear. Im not the only one who uses it hard infact the other guys who used it a few years ago used it the worst. They didn't ever let it warm up, they squirt ether in it till it starts up with the pedal to the floor on a dead cold start as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. But i properly instructed them after they kept doing it to start it with a few squirts of either (not the whole can) at idle, then let it warm up for 10 min. What i am currently doing now is building a Kawasaki prairie 730 race quad with a 730 bkp kit.
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