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Originally Posted by 711SnoPro View Post
It's nice having a smaller and lighter machine to work around houses and other obstacles where it gets to be a pain being in a big machine. The reasoning behind the 259 was that its available with 31 GPM high flow so I would have a little bit smaller and lighter machine that's still powerful enough to do everything I would need to do with it. ( I need to demo one first though)

In the ideal situation where money wasn't an issue I'd have something like a 247 for landscaping work and a 299 for dirt work, land clearing, etc (or whatever other brand I'd choose)

With the cooling issue I suppose a guy could make an aux roof mounted cooler or get a loftness one with a fan?

How do you like the Diamond mower?

Any ideas on how to try to figure demand for this other than what I mentioned?

Thanks for the input guys!
My CTL weighs 10k pounds. It does less damage than a wheeled 6k pound machine does. Regardless of specifications hyd hp is dependent on engine hp.
31 GPM will require almost 60 hp. That leaves about 11 hp too move the machine. Not going to work very well. A CTL will need about half the hp to run the machine and you will have the rest for you attachment.
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