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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
That's what I am talking about, Ground Logic type are more agile. Z's just seem to me like they would be a bull in china shop on smaller resi lawns.

When I get on a 5k sq ft lawn, I only want a pattern that is about 6 ft wide and can trim real nice. Seems like the Z's tout that they can spray like 16 ft wide (or some such number). But can that pattern be trimmed WAY down for smaller lawns? Someone fill me in, esp regarding the rackable Z.
Why is a Ground Logic more agile? I put the Z Intermediate on every size of lawn, this from someone with actual experience with the Z. In fact the Z swath both granular and liquid can be adjusted, I suggest you go to L.T. Rich web site and learn about the products they carry. With the rackable Z being such a new product the best info you could probably get is to call Andy at L.T.

This being said the Ground Logic is a very nice machine as attested too by Rodney, Every operation has too choose a machine that best fits their needs and customer base.
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