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I can't tell if it's cracked from the pic, but I've seen this done in that situation. I'm no tree guy, but I've seen this work a few times. If it's cracked, stake and tie it straight as best as you can. Then drill a few holes through the trunk horizontally and use a few carriage bolts to pull the trunk back together. If all goes well, the tree will heal itself up and grow around the bolts, just like when a wire fence ends up being there so long the wire grows in to the tree. Or when you find a nail in the center of a piece of firewood. I've also seen people use that black goop stuff to "seal" the trees wound. Dunno if that's correct or not though. I hope my un-educated advice can help you in some way. But if you take my advice, and it doesn't work, blame Grandview, not me.
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