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I was just teasing. I'd be out there using anything I could to make a few bucks if I were you.

I never really invested in the snow removal part of my business until 4 years ago when I bought a new plow for my Silverado. Yeah I had a beat up old plow truck, but it was a rusty old 1985 that was originally intended for yard use, dump runs and plowing my own driveway. I got tired of spending hours before every storm putting bandaids on it and evicting the mice. And laying on a tarp under your truck in your driveway during a blizzard isn't much fun either. Plowed half my route with only rear brakes one time. Another time no wipers. Another time no heat/defrost...put a portable propane heater in it but it kept turning off due to the tip safety. And every time I got out and closed the door I left some of it in my customers driveways. The last time I drove it I took it for a ride on my back acreage. My wife took a walk back there some time later and came back with an armfull of pieces/parts that fell off it.
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