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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
First of all if you tell an employee we pull out at 7:30 he better be there. We don't wait for them. If they can't make it on time then they are not someone I would want to keep.

As for the equipment bonus. A lot of responsibility falls on you as the owner to keep up with everyday wear and tear. Mistakes happen and you can't fault them for a belt breaking or nail in a tire.

Why not just say that you give a Christmas bonus of a certain amount. Maybe $100 per month. This bonus is based on how well and hard they work or production. You would then dock the bonus for problems that come up..... If "ms smith" calls all the time to complain about the edging or weeds in beds take some off.

Breaking a belt or nail in a tire would not be an accident. I'm talking about something like neglect.
-Employee tears up the side of the trailer because he is loading equipment to fast.
-Back pack blower pieces broke due to swinging the machine into the back of the truck.

They have a maintenance check that they are supposed to due periodically to weekly before they leave the shop. (Kinda like a DOT inspection list, only for your equipment.)
Just regular stuff that is right from the manual.
-Tire pressure, oil, etc.

Although I like your idea on production bonus how would you measure that? I feel like that would be more micromanaging then my proposed method.
If I paid bonuses monthly this is what would happen. If a piece of equipment is neglected and a part needed to be replaced you can use up to the full bonus amount the employee would have earned that month to help pay for repairs. (mechanic labor and parts). This way you do not need to budget these extra unforeseen costs into your overhead and you can save money.
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