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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Obviously if an employee's quality of work was unsatisfactory and we couldn't correct it then he would be let go.

I was just saying that I would reward employees who work hard and maybe do extra without being asked. At the same time I would deduct for times when slacking off or complaints came up.

As I am growing my business I am realizing that my customers are telling me more and more, "your employees just don't service my property like you did."
My job is my passion and happy customers and taking pride in my work is all the motivation I need. But the trick is motivating employees, especially if they are only here cause there was an opening. How can you get them excited about working for your company? How can you get them to share in the same passion to serve other people and work outside. I believe you give them responsibilities and reward positive and professional work ethics.
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