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It should be able to blow cobbles on a parking lot. Seriously. Not much for break in. Just don't run it at steady rpms for long periods at first. The throttle response on mine was a little sluggish at first. It will be powerful for sure at first but the power will increase a bit after it breaks in...5 to 10 tanks or so. I like a longer blower tube so I bought an extra intermediate tube for blowing out drainage ditches and to have more pinpoint control at times, but usually I use it in the factory configuration. The tubes will be tight as hell at first...almost a 2 person job to put them on/take them off. Oh, there is a flat high velocity nozzle that comes with it too. I find it almost unuseable at any significant just torques the tube too hard...just too hard to hold it.

P.S. - Maintenance, not much. I've cleaned my foam pre-filter a couple times, stays amazingly clean. Still on the original plug.

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