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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
Hold Up: Let me get this straight. You ordered 5k post cards for 600 bucks. If you EDDM direct mail them at 14 cents each.

5000 post cards x 8.33 cents = $600 dollars (printed)
5000 post cards x 14 cents = $700 dollars (mailed)
TOTAL: $1300 for 5000 post cards mailed

So for 1300 dollars (roughly 22.33 cents each) you are sending out direct mailers? If this is correct i need to stop paying adeas 29 cents for saturated addresses each(print, address, deliver to post office, mail). I am planning to do a major advertising campaign starting in Late Feb/early March and that 7 cents each is a lot after 15,000 post cards!

If this is all legit and 100% accurate, please pm me the details of websites i can go on to find mailer lists, where you show that EDDM rates are 14cents, and tell me how long this takes you. I can get 15,000 post cards from adeas printed for just under 950 dollars. Postage would only cost me $2,100. Thats a savings of over 1,300 dollars what i was quoted!

I usually use adeas because they do everything and its simple and easy, but saving thousands of dollars on advertising can allow me to buy new uniforms for all the guys and letter a trailer up.

Last questions:
-Who much work is it?
-What is the turn around if i already have my design for your printing company?
-Do you have to pre-sort them yourself (for mailing routes)
-Can you do invididual mailings (1000 post cards, one week in between, 5 times)?
-Have you done this before to share results from last year?

Adeas has shown me good results with every dollar i spend with them i make about 45 dollars back throughout the year. I really need some info on this and cant wait to here from you

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