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15k post cards printed from plan-itgraphics = $850 dollars
Postage = .14 per EDDM x 15000= 2,100

TOTAL: $2,950 dollars

I have not done anything yet, i am researching and researching and researching the specifications on everything. Adea's quoted me my entire city of birmingham @ 8,029 addresses @0.29561 cents a piece = 2,373.42, plus an 60 dollar design fee, plus a 85 dollar occupant list. Everything came out to be(FOR ONE CITY)= $2,488.42

I see how adeas makes its money now. Im sure it costs them somewhere around 150 dollars or less to print 5000 post cards and only costs them .14 cents to mail them. So they are in it 850 dollars and charge $1,450 dollars plus design and mailing fee.

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