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Yeah I see what you are saying with the hydraulic requirements. Not really going to be going much of anywhere on 11 HP...

The only experience I have with hydraulic mowers is a old beat up BrushCat I ran on our L180 new holland last year. Worked okay for what I used it for but left a lot to be desired as far as cutting capacity/cut quality. (the blades might as well have been square edged though)

How is the finished cut look mowing wise? I realize it's not a mulcher but does it do a better job than a traditional rotary mower? How is it for flinging debris? Depending on HP what is the largest diameter vegetation you're comfortable cutting?

I'm not stuck on a Cat, just felt for the 75 horse class I liked their offering the best. We have Cat, Deere, CNH, and Kubota in the Fargo area.

I suppose I would be better off getting the most powerful machine I could find/afford and if I needed to rent a smaller one. That would be better, providing I can keep it busy.

Thanks for the advice, keep it coming

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