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1. why not just buy the bagging system for that mower?

2. or buying the 18hp billygoat leaf blower and the jrco leaf plow. or just the billygoat.

3. you really need to watch on what other bagging systems you put on that mower besides the hustler bagging system. most likely hustler would put some kind of weight system on the front of the mower to prevent it from flipping backwards, based on the volume and weight they believe you could get into their bags. so if you were to get lets say the dr and don't have those weights or even if you buy them and its not enough you could flip or come close to it.

why not call a lawn care company in your area and ask them to do some paid consulting and have them tell you how, why and with what they would do your leafs and have them help you make a game plan for you doing your leafs. I have done this a few times for home owners in my area.
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