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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Where you work and how much you charge depends a lot on your situation. It's totally different for someone just starting out than it is for someone who has been doing this for a while and has a full schedule. If you have a lot of holes in your schedule you're almost certainly better off driving to where you can find work and pricing more aggressively, assuming you are charging enough to cover your costs. Just getting out there and working can open up a lot of opportunities as well as building your level of experience.
Great advice Darryl. I had to do just that. Heck, my first year I was driving over 60 miles in a day to service the properties I had gotten. I'm still driving that far but I have a ton more properties along the way so I'm making out good through the entire route. I'm also working on getting a days route local so I can be finished without higher op costs. I also have almost half of my customers on a 12 month plan! So now I have my 12 month income with a few months of free time. I'm into flying electric helicopters now.
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