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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
This changes 1/27. The merchant settlement kicks in, but you need to understand the guidelines (clear disclosure to customers and surcharges not exceeding your merchant fees are the big ones), as well as your own state's requirements.
This is interesting as one of the landscape suppliers I used constantly had a 2% charge for using a charge card. Although I was a contractor account which I'm not sure is different and may not be subject to this? I'm not necessarily complaining as the 25%+ discounts on materials makes up plenty for a tiny 2% charge.

But this is the first year I will be offering credit card payments but I really only see people using that for landscaping work and not mowing. Plus as others have posted in different threads having credit card payments can save trips to the bank, stamps, envelopes, etc.... that could make up the small percentage you pay in fees. I mean a $35 lawn will cost you a $1 in fees. Charge $36 this year if the $35 still cuts it. If they don't use credit you make an extra buck but not a surcharge. I don't know, is that shady? I dont think so. It's a price raise like any other a business would do to cover costs.....
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