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re-plumbing TG truck

I just purchased a TG truck and it is all in working order...just the plumbing is not set up the way I want it and I was hoping for a little help as I have never had the pleasure of working with a multi tank/multi pump system before.

Let me know what information would be helpful beyond the following.

It has (2) 300 gal tanks
1 - 200 gallon tank
2 PTO hydracell 25 pumps
3 hose reels.

I am looking to be able to run all 3 tanks off one hose reel and one pump. The reason is I would like to carry 600 gallons of clean water and mix into the 200 gallon tank as needed. So I need all the tanks to be able to transfer water between them.

I am also hoping to be able to utilize the 2nd pump and one of the other hose reels to run all three tanks as well.

Maybe to complicated with valves etc to do the above but was hoping someone on here had experience with this set up before.
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