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I think I may be overthinking this.

Cadzilla. This truck's plumbing is so screwy right now I am redoing the whole thing, I guess I am trying to hard to take advantage of the 2 pumps...I was trying to make it so that we could do everything from the valve assy as climbing into this truck can cause claustrophobia. It is a touch tight when your over 6' tall and over 200 lbs...both myself and my tree tech had a hard time getting between the tanks and the side of the truck...

I dont think this truck is set up to open the suction valve from one tank and the return valve on another tank to move water. It is below freezing and the truck is drained so I dont want to add water and screw up a $2500 pump.

I am thinking I might set it up the way it was probably originally meant to be. each hose real runs off its own tank with one pump running a 300 gal tank and the 2nd pump running the 2nd 300 and the 200. I would love to have each pump run all three tanks independently but I dont think I would want to see the road map that would be needed to keep up with all the valves that it would take to make that happen.

If the pumps run 20gpm it wouldnt take long to transfer water if I needed to thru the hose reel to another tank as was suggested. This is how we do it with our current set up anyway.

If I put swivels on all hose fittings and quick connects on the guns, it wont be a headache to swap things out if needed.

I was hoping someone might have a better way to skin this cat but I guess unless I get one custom built ..and this truck was a fraction of what a new one would go for so I will just keep it simple it sounds like.
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