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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I think it would be more profitable to know 'Why' 6 visits are not enough... "Organics" isn't about soils anymore, but rather different and more expensive applications...
If cool-season grasses can't be made perfect with 6 apps of anything, then you would be much further ahead to do something about the soil... Grass is soooooo simple to grow that its biggest impediment is 'Our Wisdom' in cultural practices...
A thoughtful review of your soil texture and soil structure will tell you more that any particular application in the world, BECAUSE, those apps are USELESS on bad soils... and you haven't told us whether you have bad soil texture or bad soil structure so there is really no way to evaluate whether you need 6 more apps of something else to do in a 6 months growing season...
Thanks for saying it for me. Jeez, people just don't get it. I'm currently bickering with a customer that wants 8 applications this year because "that's what her last guy used to do and it looked great." She wanted me to put down 46-0-0 right now to stay on track with what the old guy was doing. I refused.
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